WhatsApp as a marketing tool: the “B side” of the fake news platform

Sending newsletters. Feedback collection. Measurement of interactions. Encourage discussions. Composition of bases for contacts at different stages. Key messages expanded and notified quickly. Did you know that all these resources, indispensable in corporate communication, are at your fingertips? Literally. All of this can and is already done when WhatsApp is adopted as a marketing tool.

Although the platform has channeled mass submissions of fake messages, being at the center of discussions about fake news in politics, it also has a “B side” directed at corporate communication. In other words, WhatsApp that has been exploited in an unfortunate way to defraud electoral processes, can also provide an effective channel for institutions and companies to establish an official dialogue with their due public.

As easy as talking to your closest relative

By simplifying the sending of messages, requiring only an internet connection and exempting users from any type of charge, WhatsApp has become one of the most popular applications in this “smartphone generation”. A practically “mandatory” platform on any cell phone, whether Android or iOS, and it also boasts a security standard based on end-to-end encryption.

The same advantages also serve to use WhatsApp as a marketing tool, establishing communication independent of regions and with up to 256 people at the same time. In groups, it is worth noting that it is possible to allow only administrators to send messages, which can be useful for sending handouts, including links or files — up to 100MB. Call to Actions (CTAs) to subscribe to newsletters or join institutional campaigns, for example, work well in this format.

For more personalized actions, the platform provides WhatsApp Business. Free and aimed at small companies, mainly B2C, this version allows the creation of catalogs of products and services, commercial profile with useful information — such as address, email, website, among others —, organization of contacts through colored labels, automatic message scheduling and other relevant features.

Tips for using WhatsApp as a marketing tool

First, WhatsApp should never be the “flagship” of digital marketing actions. It is an additional tool for quick communication with stakeholders, where it is possible to offer support and nourish the public with useful and relevant information. But not changing the tone of brand messages is essential to preserve corporate identity.

In addition, providing a dedicated platform number is more appropriate than adapting that old chip used by the marketing or commercial department. Another practice that should be avoided is the purchase of contact lists. Instead, it’s more effective to notify and invite a ready and engaged base about your presence on WhatsApp.

When you have an active audience on the platform, the most important thing is to ensure that they feel comfortable talking to the brand, whether to remove doubts or complain about anything they want to. Listening to everything users have to say and responding promptly, whether in groups or in private conversations, is what makes sense in maintaining a company profile on WhatsApp.

Attention to everything that the platform allows

WhatsApp as a marketing tool opens several possibilities of use for brands, whether to work internal or external communication. Therefore, before making the company available on the platform, it is necessary to define an action strategy, considering from the planning of the groups to a content calendar.

In groups where only the administrator can send messages, for example, the ideal is to provide service to keep members attracted. Stimulating the sharing of images, videos, data and other relevant news can transform the group’s audience into brand promoters and attract new members. For this to be effective, the ideal is to separate exclusive content for WhatsApp.

Another way to capture leads through the platform is to participate, with the profile of the brand, in parallel groups dedicated to segment issues. In them, participate in the dialogues whenever there is an opportunity, thus exposing the company as a specialist. But all of this must happen without self-promotion or any type of spam.

Behind the scenes, there are also constant functionality updates on WhatsApp. Studying and adhering to changes in the platform is an important step to keep in tune with the public. Testing new ideas in internal groups, such as using a meme to congratulate an employee, is one of the ways to discover new possibilities that WhatsApp allows for the communication of your brand, in line with the new that technology brings.

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