VIANEWS attends #HotwIreland19

VIANEWS has attended another edition of Bootcamp, an annual event organized by Hotwire, involving all its offices around the world, as well as its partner agencies.

Held between July 16 and 18, 2019, the city chosen for this edition was Dublin, Ireland. Our team was represented by CEO Pedro Cadina and Senior Account Executive LATAM Gabriel Marson. #HotwIreland19’s first day was dedicated to partner agencies to align strategies, share concepts, results and market trends.

During the second day, there were several presentations, whose main theme was creativity and how we can enhance this quality in each of us. Finishing the activities for the day, we had the Green Party. Being a moment of relax and chill, everyone was invited to know and to “practice” the traditional Irish Dance.

#HotwIreland19’s third and last day brought together over 300 people at the Dublin Convention Center, including staff and partners, in order to thank everyone for their amazing dedication and to plan the next fiscal year. All together! In the evening, attendees have been invited to play the most popular Irish sports, such as Gaelic Football and Hurling.

A beautiful party ended the Bootcamp in Dublin, with the performance of the Borderless group, which gathers Hotwire professionals from around the world. The global communications agency is exclusively represented in Latin America by VIANEWS.

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