VIANEWS Hotwire manages BMC Software events in Mexico and Argentina

VIANEWS Hotwire handled press relations for the BMC Day Ciudad de México and BMC Day Buenos Aires events, held on October 4 and 24, respectively. These events are part of the annual roadshow of BMC Software, leader in software solutions supporting IT areas to transform traditional businesses into digital enterprises.

In Mexico, BMC Day was attended by approximately 200 participants. Under VIANEWS coordination, our local partner agency was responsible for all pre-event activities – from inviting journalists to content production and prior briefing of the company’s spokespeople – and for monitoring the interviews during the event. The objective was to ensure the presence of six communication vehicles, but we doubled this number. Expansión, Computerworld Mexico and Infochannel are were among the prominent names.

All the pre-event work was repeated with our partner in Argentina, and a round table meeting was held in the morning with the company’s three main spokespersons and the press. The event was attended by approximately 250 participants, and covered by 8 journalists.

Our account executive Ms. Joseane Carmo and her team are in charge of BMC’s coordination for Latin America.

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