VIANEWS celebrates new customers and growth in 2019

2019 was another year of achievements for VIANEWS Hotwire – and we are already at our 35th year of existence! During the last year, our team was responsible for several relevant accomplishments, including:

  • Recognition of the agency with 2 Certificates of Excellence awarded for the successful cases in the projects carried out for VTEX and FireEye by The Holmes Report, a main reference in global PR, at an event held in Mexico City;
  • 20% growth in revenue compared to the previous year;
  • New clients, such as VTEX, McAfee and Rakuten Marketing;
  • Holding our own event “Data Science: Changes and Trends”, which brought the main trends of the new paradigm of Data Science;
  • Team expansion and the development of new strategic pillars, such as the Customer Success – focused on quality assurance and the satisfaction of the customer -, and the Business Development Management – area responsible for new business opportunities.

Now we have our batteries recharged with the certainty that 2020 will be even better! Special thanks to our customers and partners who are walking side by side with us in this new year.

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