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Internal communication tool to engage employees

Who has never heard that famous phrase from Chacrinha: “Who does not communicate, trumbles”? Something so simple and routine can cause huge noises, when it is not done correctly and transparently. It is no different with companies. They need to communicate with the market, but also with their employees. Thus, an internal communication tool is essential to maintain engagement and

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Data Science and Communication: a successful union

Analytics that support evidence-based decision making are increasingly present in companies. At this point, Data Science and Communications go together to make the direction of assertive activities. If you work with communication and data science is not yet on your priority list, you should think better. According to Aberje (Brazilian Association of Business Communications), data orientation and context analysis are

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Organizational Climate Survey: understanding your employees

With the numerous challenges imposed by the Brazilian economy over the recent years, companies have sought to optimize their resources to the maximum. Aiming for a healthy balance between investments and expenses, a term is increasingly high in the market: productivity. Since they are pursuing an increased productivity, organizations are practically being restructured. They change their planning, review processes, make

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Internal corporate communication: why should your company invest in the area?

Startup style offices are becoming more feasible among companies. Slide, ball pool, foosball table, table tennis, hammock area and what else a space of leisure can offer. This differential has been prioritized in companies, in addition to other benefits. However, 15Five conducted a survey and found that most of the employees (81%) prefer to work in a company where communication

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