Planejamento e Estratégias de Comunicação

Communication Planning and Strategies

With a multidisciplinary team and data-driven marketing tools, VIANEWS develops communication plans for companies in the most varied industries in Latin America. We do this by using a methodology that has been applied for years with our customers, understanding the specificity of each moment. The activities developed by this area of the agency include:

  • Analysis and Diagnosis
  • Risks and vulnerability management
  • Strategic alignment
  • Corporate positioning
  • Master communication plan
  • Media plan
  • New means of communication
  • Institutional relations programs
  • Targeted communication program

Learn more about the importance of communication planning here.

Relações Públicas

Public Relations

Communication requires a very dedicated performance to build and enhance a brand’s reputation. The development of a positive image for a company is reflected in better deals.

This is exactly where a well-planned, well-executed Public Relations (PR) job comes in. We work with a focus on better results for your business, supporting the entry, maintenance or expansion of the penetration of brands in the markets.

Our expertise in PR actions is reflected by successful cases awarded across Latin America, which are the result of appropriate, well-structured strategies and tactics in the relationship with target audiences, always driven by data.

Public relations actions are based on the search for positive space for the brand through actions for the target audience, journalists, and influencers.

We carry out actions such as:


If you want to know a little more about this service, read the article we have prepared on the role of public relations in achieving business goals and contact us.

Marketing Digital

Digital Marketing

Our campaigns are highly creative, and they have a highly positive impact and reflex on our customers’ businesses. They are developed in a measurable manner, so that our work together with you is the most successful.

We have an innovative digital team, tuned to the evolution of technologies, and capable of devising and executing data-driven strategies. We work with channels and platforms that make real sense for your brand.

Making our customers enchanted is what moves us!

Find out more details of our diversified performance below.

Inbound Marketing

Inbound Marketing

Reaching a target audience in a direct manner has never been as simple and possible as it is today. Despite this, converting sales remains a major challenge for any company. High-quality communication still plays a critical role as an ally for any commercial team.

The integration of data from different sources makes it possible to work online and to promote different forms of content marketing to your audience. Inbound Marketing encompasses a set of actions to work with the Top (“ToFu”), Middle (“MoFu”), or Bottom of the Funnel (“BoFu”) and attract the best leads to your commercial area.

We have a Data-Driven performance, establishing marketing strategies that aim to attract, convert and retain customers. We apply SEO techniques to your website and blog posts to improve your presence on Google, build downloadable enriched materials, develop automation rulers and work with conversion of leads on social networks and elsewhere.

Associating Marketing and Public Relations activities has created a new concept in the market, known as Inbound PR. Driven by data, we manage to bring positive results to your brand.

Desenvolvimento de websites

Website development

Have you launched a new brand or want to re-establish your company’s digital presence? Maybe it’s time to build a new website! With more and more people accessing the Internet in a mobile manner, the first aspect you need to consider when building your website is to make it responsive. Safety and speed are other mandatory requirements for your brand.

Perhaps your website is only intended to take your consumers towards a specific path or have a dynamic nature, with daily blog posts. Either way, count on us to build your new website.

Our Digital Services team covers content production, design, web design, and programming. We work with a detailed briefing, to quickly build text communication on your website and for the layout of your home page, which presents your visual identity.

Types of websites we develop:

  • Institutional websites
  • Landing Pages for lead capture
  • Online stores
  • Corporate blogs
Account-Based Marketing (ABM)

Account-Based Marketing (ABM)

Commercial and marketing areas teaming up is no news within a company. Yet, it is very likely that you will need to help your commercial area expand sales, achieve periodic goals, and exceed the team’s expectations. Well-executed PR and Digital Marketing activities may help you with this!

There is a relatively new concept in Latin America called Account-Based Marketing (ABM) that has become increasingly popular within organizations. The work is personalized and consists of selecting certain accounts for a specific project.

  • ABM 1:1 – This is the most personalized ABM project, in which we develop different strategies for a brand that you want to impact for the first time or want to expand sales, with specific tactics for the company’s executives.
  • ABM 1:few – Activity in which we create strategies for a selected group of accounts within the same segment, such as Finance, Retail, IT, etc.
  • ABM 1:many – Action with a more generic focus, with the structuring of tactics for a large group of companies.

We work together with you to set up a thorough analysis of your customers and prospects, for the subsequent development of a plan.

Social Selling

Social Selling

Social networks are not only used to post institutional news, product innovations, projects carried out or about your company’s daily activities. It is a relevant channel to create reputation and generate awareness for your brand.

But you can go beyond that, did you know that? If you have not explored the relationship with your followers on LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, or any other social media yet, it’s more than time to do it! We will show you how.

Using your social networks in order to expand your business is completely natural today. Consumers who use social media to create a relationship with their preferred brands have 84% higher budgets than those who do not.

Social Selling is exactly using your social networks to increase sales. It consists of using your personal profile as a networking tool to reach the target personas, building a fruitful relationship, and converting leads in the final stage.

We work with Social Selling at VIANEWS and have success stories to share in case you want more information. Our expertise shows that a great way is to work through LinkedIn or Instagram.

Comunicação Interna

Internal Communication

Just like your customers, your collaborators also need a communication plan. We assist you in the research and analysis of your company’s professionals so that your communication is as effective as possible. Positive, high-quality internal communication increases productivity, reduces staff turnover, and improves financial results.

An important role for collaborators to really feel part of the company, Internal Communication helps engage collaborators. In addition, it promotes a speech aligned with the company’s goals and values.

We carry out the diagnosis, design the best planning and execute the appropriate tactics, with the definition of the best communication channels and the right language for your employees.

Understand why your company should invest in Internal Communication on the blog post.



Working with an event helps your company to narrow the relationship with customers, prospects, employees, journalists and influencers. In addition, it improves brand positioning.

With that in mind, we carry out all the steps of an event for your brand, from conception to planning to the measurement of results.

Contact us so that we can identify which format best fits your objective – a course, a workshop, a fair, etc. Do you want to know more about how an event can help your business? Read our blog article now!

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