Public Relations

Media Training

Media Training

Have you ever wondered if your company’s spokesperson is surprised by a media outlet or if he will give an interview without being prepared? Nobody wants to go through a situation where they may reveal some confidential message, which should not be delivered to the press, or be misinterpreted for not being able to put the key messages across.

Therefore, your company’s spokespeople must be prepared to respond to possible requests from the press at any time. It is important that executives have key messages at their fingertips and be able to be eloquent. Media training has the main function of improving your relationship with the press, whether at the time of an interview, a meeting or an event.

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Speaker Training

Have you ever felt that little chill in your belly when giving an important presentation in front of a group? The curious thing is that it does not matter if there are a lot of people or a selected group. It is extremely natural to feel this anxiety before a presentation. Creating an eloquent, calm and objective speech is one of the main goals of the Speaker Training.

Counting on an expert partner, at VIANEWS we help you or your spokesperson create resourcefulness when giving lectures or presentations in public. Building up these skills is a matter of practice, and we will help you get there!

Speaker Training
Gerenciamento de Crise

Crisis management

To be able to reduce the effects of a future crisis is the dream of any company, so that it can anticipate, take the necessary measures, and prevent the crisis from causing major inconvenience. We are rarely prepared for possible crises, but this is not an impossible path to follow.

Driven by data, we are able to understand some trends and predict some future paths, whether in the press or on social networks. We design an early, preventive plan in an attempt to reduce the effects of future crises. This means drawing up a strategy even before a possible crisis occurs and devising the tactics to be taken quickly and preventively.

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