Podcast is here to stay. Learn more about this format and check out our top tips.


Within the reach of a click, podcasts have been on people’s radar around the world for some time now. Similar to a radio program, they are nothing but files recorded in audio, which can be downloaded on various online platforms, such as Spotify and Deezer.

In this blog post, we will explain their importance in addition to giving tips from the best podcasts.

There are several styles of content and infinite ways of editing, but the main characteristic of a podcast is the fact that it’s recorded instead of “live”, so the listeners can listen to the program at any time of the day or night, as many times as they want.

The popularization of this format coincides with the boom in the sale of audio books, which, according to Deloitte, has been growing at a level never seen before, at the same time that the sale of physical books is falling. This change in trade is due to people’s current lifestyle.

With the intense routine that we have today, in which we barely have time to read a news story, follow a subject in depth, or learn something new through reading or watching videos, the podcast arrives as the salvation of those who want to be well informed.

This format has no commercials in the middle of its content, whether news or entertainment. In this way, it is more pleasant to follow information.
Many people listen to their favorite programs at the gym, cooking, driving, or doing some other task that requires vision and concentration.

When performing these tasks, you can also focus on what you hear and thus be able to do two or more things at the same time.


A recent survey presented at the Globo AudioDay event found that 13% of Brazilians have the habit of listening to podcasts. This represents 21 million people.

And if you think that this is only a Southeast of Brazil habit, you’re wrong. The same survey estimates that 50% of this audience is not part of the Rio de Janeiro-São Paulo axis.

In addition, the event brought a very interesting fact: there are about 700 thousand podcasts worldwide, and the expectation of revenue in 2021 is US $ 1 billion.

According to Spotify, the podcast helped to bring a 200% increase in its number of users, representing 10 million new listeners on the streaming platform. Many of these became premium subscribers, that is, paid.

In addition, it is estimated that 74% of customers left something playing for their pets, which led the platform to create a podcast with content for animals to feel less alone when their owners are not at home.

And it’s not just the pets that need to be relaxed. One of the most accessed programs on streaming platforms is Zen Meditation, made by Monja Coen, very well known to Brazilians.

In storytelling format, each episode lasts around 30 minutes and teaches the listener about Japanese Zen meditation.

Several media outlets in Brazil already have their podcast channels: G1 (Globo Group), CBNPiauí MagazineFolha de S. Paulo newspaper, Nexo Jornal, among others.

The most interesting thing is to know that your programs are not mere “ctrl c ctrl v” on the websites or in print, but a unique perception of the facts and reality that surround the Brazilian’s daily life.

If you still think that a podcast is a passing cloud in communication, it is essential to inform, if you don’t already know, that the podcast has reached Pulitzer.

Yes, the main prize in journalism, literature and musical composition. The new category will be included later this year for audio journalism.