Planning on Google Ads: the importance of having a specialized agency

With over 90% of all internet traffic coming from Google searches, its Ad platform Google Ads is one of the best tools to attract more visitors to your website. Since your ads through “sponsored links” are able to reach your target audiences in a much more assertive and segmented way. Nonetheless, it is important to consider that even though it’s a simple tool to use, it still raises many doubts. So, the most recommended strategy is to trust your Google Ads planning to a specialized agency in the subject.

The fact is, in addition to mastering the tool, training and experience are needed to analyze campaign results and truly comprehend the next steps to be taken. A performance media is a very relevat professional to perform this activity. It takes time and dedication, which you often don’t have. Therefore, a professional or a team 100% immersed in this task will be able to effectively optimize their campaigns and increase their Return on Investment (ROI), invariably amplifying the traffic and revenue of their portal.


An agency, for example, will be able to determine more assertively what your company’s target audience is. This professional is trained and will bring the best and most up-to-date practices into your strategy.

The specialized agency will also be able to make a more intelligent management of the use of its available funds, since the value for investment is often quite low in the Latin American market. That’s where the agency’s role comes in. It’s dedicated to find the best way to guarantee you the best outcome. Since Google Ads is an advertising system that calculates Cost Per Click (CPC) or Cost Per Thousand Impressions (CPM). This is not about spending a lot, but about generating an efficient return.

Another differential of having a team of professionals ahead of your planning in Google Ads is the generation and reports analysis. This team is prepared to create complete reports that will show the effectiveness of the campaigns and guide the next steps. Reports are very important to do possible strategy changes or tweaks.

Monitoring is also very essential. Day to day, if possible. This is because the value of “Keywords” varies every day, which requires that this professional has to correct sponsored links periodically.

Best Solutions

This consultant will always look for practices and solutions authorized by Google, which guarantees the effectiveness of the campaigns. This improves your account’s clickthrough rate and quality score. It can add other features such as the system that Google Ads created, in which advertisers pay for their products to be featured on the Google Shopping list and the ads are shown on the results page only when the keyword searched is related to products. In addition, the agency can take advantage of other company platforms, such as the YouTube. Quick reminder: YouTube is owned by Google Group.

This team dedicated to your Google Ads planning knows that digital marketing campaigns need to be integrated. Therefore, they will use several attraction channels such as email marketing, social networks, blogs, websites etc.

The most important thing is that the campaigns have a view of a team of professionals who will invariably look at the performance of their campaigns at all times and seek intensively for improvements in the generation of traffic and leads.

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