New member of LATAM Regional Council of Global Alliance PR

Pedro Cadina, founder and CEO of VIANEWS, is the new member of the Regional Council for Latin America at the Global Alliance PR, the confederation of leading PR and Communication management associations and institutions who represents 160,000 professionals and academics around the world. Headquartered in Switzerland, the not-for-profit organization aims to raise professional standards globally.

He takes the role of counselor after the invitation of Hamilton dos Santos, director of Aberje (Brazilian Enterprise Communication Association, translated to English) and chair of this Regional Council, along with his colleagues Tato Carbonaro (Brazil), Silvina Seiguer (Argentina), Francisco Aylwin (Chile) and Jecel Rolon (Puerto Rico).

One of his main objectives in the new position will be to further strengthen the Brazilian market through the exchange of knowledge and experiences in PR and Communication with organizations from other countries.

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