McAfee has a new PR agency for Latin America

VIANEWS Hotwire is McAfee’s newest PR agency for Latin America.

The new contract will cover initially the launch of the Secure Home Platform in Argentina and Chile, Safe Family in Brazil and other smaller local campaigns, as well as hijacking news.

At the end of October, a media training will be held for a local executive in São Paulo, Brazil, who will be the spokesperson. As the new VIANEWS Hotwire’s customer, McAfee has the goal of promoting the best communications in the technological market and continuing to consolidate itself as a leader in the segment of cyber security through planning, strategy and execution of the company’s projects in three countries: Brazil, Chile and Argentina.

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  1. Roberto Lang-Reply
    Wednesday October 30th, 2019 at 08:02 PM

    Parabéns, que bela conquista. torcendo por vocês, a McAfee se deu bem.

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