How brands can protect themselves against fake news

Certainly, the internet is the greatest invention of the human being in the last century. It shortened distances, expanded access to knowledge and, consequently, to information. It democratized the news through social media, making the ordinary citizen an important source of information as a communication group. Despite the numerous benefits, we witness some atrocities and one of the latest is the emergence of fake news, but for those people that are more traditional we can call gossip or rumor.

Brand needs years and a lot of investment to consolidate itself in the market and gain the confidence of its public. On the other hand, all the reputation acquired can be destroyed by a a fake news. After all, this kind of news is created and disseminated by fake news sites and social media, which has enormous potential for the diffusion of fake news. Usually, this happens because many people do not verify the source of the information they are reading before sharing it with their network.

Given this, what actions should a brand take to avoid being affected by fake news?

Firstly, it is necessary to have a communication structure well-structured and prepared to act promptly in case of image crisis. Below, I list the main communication activities to combat fake news:

Social media management

As previously mentioned, social networks are the main tools for disseminating fake news. In order to avoid brand damages, you need to monitor social media 24 hours a day to find out how your brand is being mentioned and what issues it has been related to. In this way, it is possible to act promptly to clarify the facts.

Press Relation

The press remains to be one of the most important ways in which the public consumes information. The press relation agency will have the mission to clarify the facts to the journalists so that they include the positioning of your brand in the article. It is important to remember that journalists build opinion and they are also active in social media.

Content Marketing

The emergence of a crisis through a fake news is the right time for your brand to generate a “positive agenda” around itself. This means that a serious brand has a lot of positive news to be released to different audiences. And, of course, they will help to reverse the brand image.

Relationship with Influencers

Today, it is increasingly common to see brands building a relationship with influencers and micro influencers. That’s because these professionals reach a more select audience, with profile that the brand wants. In a crisis situation for fake news, it is important to bring your influencers together in a private event to clarify the facts and leave them calm about the brand so they can share the information with their audience.

These are some of the actions that can be taken by brands to fight against fake news. To the readers, the tip is: suspect about everything that you read. Check the truth of the news and make a research about the media that published the news. Check if this information has already appeared in another publication and if the author is a journalist.

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