It is worth investing in digital influencers in times of covid-19

With the pandemic of COVID-19, social isolation brought new consumption habits for Brazilians. And with it came the sudden digital transformation for many sectors of the society. Companies had to adapt quickly to the home office. Just as the population had to get used to the video technology to make up for the absence of physical contact. With that, we observed that people are much more connected, social media channels have never been more accessed and news portals, TV and all the content produced by Digital Influencers have seen their audiences grow rapidly.

According to a survey by Kantar Ibope, the consumption of videos inside homes has grown since the beginning of the quarantine in Brazil. This is mainly due to the increase in audience caused by the presence at home and the increase in the consumption of films, auditorium programs, reality shows and journalistic programs.

In this crisis scenario, people tend to look for references, for that content that makes the most sense for their lifestyle. It’s at this point that digital influencers have stood out. And with the increase in their audiences, they can become great allies for brands looking for a purpose in the midst of this new coronavirus pandemic.

Therefore, betting on the production of content in partnership with Digital Influencers becomes a natural path at this time. The study, Brazil and Digital Influencers, carried out by Ibope Inteligência, with 2,000 Internet users, showed that 52% of internet users followed some digital influencer in 2019 in the country.

Rock Content data shows that in Brazil, 96.2% of companies are present on social media and for 53% of brands, the use of social media is beneficial for diclosure and, for 44.2%, for engagement with the audience.

Assess the possibilities

But before you spend all your money on content in partnership with digital influencers, be aware of the type of profile that you will combine your image with.

Ask yourself. Understand if that channel or personality is really going to build something positive for your brand and if you are going to talk to your audience the way you want. Especially when dealing with such a fragile moment in which society finds itself.

  • First, understand if the Influencer fits your brand profile;
  • Assess the influencer’s background and credibility;
  • Research about his/hers old partnerships and analyze potential results;
  • Evaluate if the influencer communicates in an original and authentic way;
  • Dialogue about formats and check how much they know about your brand and how the message is aligned in this pandemic moment;
  • Ask for reach and engagement numbers;
  • Make sure if you are prepared for a possible increase in the number of access on your website / orders (e-commerce).

But after all, who are these Digital Influencers?

The name may vary, but they are also known as digital influencers, creators or content creators. In a nutshell, they are people with great power of influence and who use social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, Youtube, blogs, to publish relevant content for their audience.

They work with very specific niches, ranging from cooking, games, entrepreneurship, children’s content, and so on. According to a survey by SamyRoad, there are about 1 million digital influencers in Brazil, only considering those with more than 5,000 followers.

Artists and personalities from any segment are also considered digital influencers. The soccer player Neymar is considered the biggest influencer in Brazil with 137 million followers on Instagram, followed by Whindersson Nunes, the singer Anitta, the TV host Maisa, the youtuber Felipe Neto, the gamer Pedro Afonso Rezende, known as (Rezendeevil), among others.

There are also microinfluencers, people who have between 5 and 100 thousand followers, who also exercise a very important influence power in certain niches.

Choose the right channel

It was on YouTube that many anonymous people gained fame and built their huge audiences, becoming Digital Influencers. Some channels within the platform outperform the audience of major TV shows. We have the example of the Brazilian Porta dos Fundos, which started making comedy videos and today has more than 16 million subscribers, turned into a movie and partnered with Netflix.

Therefore, when using influencers in your YouTube strategy, determine the type of video that will be generated, the profile and the KPIs (reach, engagement, likes). They will be decisive for the success of the partnership.

Instagram, on the other hand, is undergoing a remodeling and since last year it no longer shows the amount of “likes” of each publication. What forced a change of strategy on the part of the brands regarding the investment in campaigns on the platform, since the “likes” were a way to measure the effectiveness of the partnership. On the other hand, the actions promise other types of approaches.

Facebook is still a very relevant social media. Just like Twitter, can work well depending on the type of content.


Results of the second edition of “ROI & Influence Marketing 2019”, by YouPix, 68% of companies consider Influence Marketing strategic for their business.

The survey also points out that 40% of companies invest between R$ 100,000 to R$ 700,000  (approximately USD 20 K to USD 140 K) in Influence Marketing. The biggest investment happens in the production and creation of content.

The amounts can be much higher, depending on who you choose to partner with. It depends on your budget and the agreement with the influencer.

Therefore, before deciding on a campaign or action with a Digital Influencer in the midst of a pandemic, look for a communication agency like VIANEWS. It will plan a strategy consistent with your needs and understand who are the influencers that make most sense.