Investment in digital media: the world beyond views and clicks

Looking unceasingly for a larger number of views and reactions, some boosts bring a very low ROI (Return of Investment), and a false impression that communication on social media is not quite the best idea. For those who work with social media content push / boost, one of the most important metrics is the amount of audience reached (reach). Companies need to know where they are investing in digital media, for what reasons and which return they get for.

Consider planning as the first necessary investment. With a high level of detail, the chances of hitting the company goals will definitely increase, prioritizing the right audience against a generalist diffusion and without proper targeting, which will drastically reduce your chances of success, and even more likely to beat your own goals.

In your plan, the highest number of audience views date and time must be included to get a proper idea of when obligatory having a weekly social media post; knowledge about the hype and virals on social media for each moment; and comprehension in which network your audience is. These are elements that allow content to reach a higher percentage of the population assertively. You need to know the target of the sales team and how to reach it in the digital world. Without the definition of the target audience, any strategy will fail and this will be proven at the time of measurement. Particularly in the amount of business generated by this investment in digital media.

Options for investing in digital media

Among the alternatives of digital media investment are: the creation of a blog, a social media company page and/or the promotion of these contents through ads, among others.

This definition of the way going forward must be guided by a specialized company, which is used not only to generating content. Additionally, being synced with the planning and training of the internal marketing team is one key point. In this way, the expectations and results of the investment are within the expected and can achieve the goals that have been set.

A few times the best investment in digital media is not in boosting your content. In these scenario, it is necessary to have a total rebranding, from the logo to the typology, with a new website and a new form of language that meets the needs.

For these projects, knowledge in Digital Marketing is not enough. Public Relations expertise is also needed. Thus, your communication demands will be met according to your expectations, while the possibilities of doing business will be expanded. This is a result of increasing the brand awareness, keeping the organization on the radar of potential business partners.

Among the options, consider leveraging your company’s content on LinkedIn, but to do so remember to have the necessary advice and recommendations from an organization specialized in that. Do not waste resources and affect your own image by promoting materials that will bring no positive attention to your reputation. Planning is the first and foremost investment, as it will increase the chances of hitting the company goals. Prioritize the target audience and use more efficient metrics than the number of views.

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