The importance of the corporate blog to generate business

It’s no news that the customer behavior has changed; it sounds cliché to sell a different idea of traditional publicity. We are at a moment in which the people search on the internet before making a purchase decision. And interrupting the videos on YouTube to show your advertisement does not seem so convincing and attractive anymore (81% of people skip the ad). That is where the corporate blog importance comes in to attract clients to your product or service.

This structure has as concept the attraction marketing, or inbound marketing. And, in order for your blog to do the job the best way possible, you need to build relevant content with the right strategy. A well-applied SEO makes your text well positioned in the search engines. Therefore, you increase the visibility on the internet and credibility in front of the public.

“Ok, but what is a corporate blog?”. In summary: it complements your company website with meaningful information about the industry and a simple language. In addition, you can interact directly with your consumers, not having to be an HTML expert to keep it active.

The importance of the corporate blog as a marketing strategy

Keep in mind that once on the internet, your content can be viewed by anyone, at anytime. For this reason, producing perennial subjects will increase the chances of a click in the future. This does not mean that you will not be able to seize the opportunity of an event that you can see a connection with your segment. An example of this is our byline article “Brazil stopped and your media pitch suggestion went down”, written at the time of a truckers strike in the country.

However, remember, it is not because a subject is engaging every conversation circle that you should take advantage of it on your blog. The consistency with the segment that your company is inserted is the most important characteristic, above the factual one.

Publishing press releases and news about the company or cases studies are the ways to present your company with positive exposure. The content should be created with relevant information showing that you are specialized in your business. This will bring credibility to the brand, making not only your blog, but your company as a reference.

This credibility becomes more concrete when using SEO techniques. Being on the first two pages of Google search brings greater visibility. To have an idea, the first result gets 11% more clicks than the second (21% and 10%, respectively) – according to the Internet  Marketing Ninjas poll. The accesses are decreasing according to position. So, before you put the optimization into practice, plan ahead.

Planning is necessary

Starting a blog is not so simple. If you develop a planning, it’s easier to feed the blog with new contents. A good planning is key to raise the corporate blog importance.

Knowing which topics will be addressed is already halfway to defining some keywords from which your company will be found by search engines on the internet.

Planning a blog also involves a calendar. It involves periodicity. It does not make sense to do three post blogs in one day and spend two weeks without any publication. Set a frequency so your audience will not forget your brand. It is important to understand the need of your target audience. Is your company part of a segment that appears on the newspapers covers every day, for example? If so, your post blogs frequency should be higher.

Once you prepare your worksheet it is time to put it into practice. Stay close to your client. This is a space where you can use more informal language. Keep very technical terms for internal e-mails and partners. However, do not create contents that treats them as completely incognizants on the subject. Also look for new materials. With a simple Google search about your chosen keyword, you can see contents that were already posted.

And as we usually say here: do not post and run away! Check the metrics for your content. It is important to get to know your customer better and understand what matters most and catch his/her attention.

As a consequence, planning is changeable. Keep producing texts or videos with topics that are not relevant – commercially speaking – for the persona who reads your blog will cause your inbound marketing not to leave the top of the funnel. And all your work to be in accordance with SEO will go down the drain.

Optimization techniques

The so-called Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is to know how to use techniques in the text so that your blog post is quickly found in searches. Using this technique, the corporate blog importance increases.

According the SEO Trends 2018 survey, Brazilian companies that optimize their content can increase their organic traffic by 77,3%. Furthermore, you get 40,1% of the best positions on the search pages.

Some SEO techniques to apply and be well ranked on the internet searches are already beginning to be applied in planning, such as the definition of keywords for each content. Think about how your customer would search for information and use it in the title, in the course of text and in the headlines.

Making use of links to other websites and to the company’s own website (or blog) is also a relevant tactic. But do not forget, insert links that match with your content.

In addition, it is important to have a website that adapts the layout to the size of the screen of who consumes the content. People increasingly access the internet through smartphones. Mobile conquers desktop territory each new day. For this reason, responsive websites are prioritized for search engines.

Another strategy is for your text to be at least 300 words long. Though, increasing this number to 500 is not a very difficult task and, the more words your text has, the better optimized it will be. However, do something coherent so that the corporate blog importance increases more and more. Publish YouTube videos. Google takes full account of the application of your social media.

Still not convinced of the importance of the corporate blog?

Do you want a practical result? An example are the e-commerces that own a blog. Research shows that these virtual stores get triple visits and 2,5 times more consumers. The data are even more encouraging for companies that use SEO techniques. The numbers of visits increase more than 10 times and the number of clients more than 5 times.

Can you see that the more relevant your company’s blog is, the greater visibility your products and services get? With relevant and well-developed content, you can generate demand, activate sales and still retain your customer. In other words, your blog actively participates in the entire marketing funnel.

The corporate blog importance is not limited to clients. It is also a way for the media to find suggestions or hot advertisements. As an experiment, we have the example of FireEye, our client since 2014. The company traditionally publishes relevant stories in its blog, such as the discovery of new cyberattack groups. Increasingly, journalists access the content directly and produce articles about the new post blogs.

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    Acho super importante a utilização de um blog de informação a clientes. Nós da Declatrack temos um blog cheio de conteúdo sobre o nosso serviço em específico que é rastreamento veicular, telemetria e controle de frota, mas também sobre diversos assuntos relacionados a carros, otimização de gastos das empresas, segurança do trabalho.

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