Internal communication tool to engage employees

Who has never heard that famous phrase from Chacrinha: “Who does not communicate, trumbles”? Something so simple and routine can cause huge noises, when it is not done correctly and transparently. It is no different with companies. They need to communicate with the market, but also with their employees. Thus, an internal communication tool is essential to maintain engagement and a healthy work environment.

It is important that CEOs and directors realize the difference that a good internal communication policy generates in the quality of the work performed by the team. There are several purposes for which internal communication makes a difference, such as: advising on new business; report on results achieved, holiday and vacation calendar; celebration of birthdays of the month; clarification of facts relevant to the company’s business; inform about open positions at the company; announcement of promotions, new bosses and employees.

These are some examples in which the communication team helps to clarify doubts and get ahead in order to minimize any noise, transmitting an unique and accurate information. Given this, some internal communication tools help communication teams to direct the message in the most efficient way possible.


Agile and practical, especially for employees who frequently access the internet during working hours. The intranet allows the company to disclose its information in a single environment, thus facilitating communication with its employees. This tool requires investment by the company in technical issues, as well as promoting the habit of employees accessing the intranet to seek information about the company where they work.


It is one of the oldest tools, but its physical version can still be very useful. Especially, in companies with large spaces where a significant number of employees travel. The mural has the function of prioritizing the most relevant news, such as eye-catching headlines in order to attract the eye of the employee while he/she travels through the place. An important feature is that it must be updated frequently, as obsolete information takes away the effectiveness of this tool.

Corporate TV

Waiting rooms, elevators, corridors, cafeteria and departments. These are potential areas where a Corporate TV can be installed. Its purpose is, in addition to dynamically informing with corporate news, to promote employee interaction based on various news, such as weather, traffic conditions, dollar prices and entertainment. A project that involves corporate TV must consider the size of the company and the most frequented environments in order to then impact as many employees as possible.

Newspaper or Magazine

Newspapers or corporate magazines play an important role as an internal communication tool: bringing credibility to the news that involves the company. By bringing a journalistic approach, newspapers and magazines add relevant market information to corporate content, highlighting the results and practices adopted. In addition, this tool makes it possible to address varied content, be it a social event, new client and/or project, opinion articles and others. It is important to take into account the printing of these newspapers or magazines so that employees can receive them, as well as their availability on the intranet for digital reading.

Employee Manual

Every newly hired employee joins the company with a series of questions. Many hold immersion meetings with the new employee, but some doubts still persist. In order to standardize behavior and create a policy of good practices, an internal communication tool widely used for this is the employee manual.

The purpose is to guide new employees, especially, about the company’s rules, benefits, responsibilities, values and mission. Such document helps the employee to resolve doubts on his own and reduces his insecurity in the first days.

Suggestion box

Each and every manager needs new suggestions and ideas from their employees to improve their work and, consequently, from the team itself. However, a core meeting, for example, can intimidate the employee into proposing new practices and initiatives. A tool that motivates employees to be more collaborative is the suggestion box. It maintains the anonymity of the suggestion and allows the manager to filter those that most make sense to be implemented.

Promoting internal communication is a necessary initiative for every company that wants to engage its employees. Motivated employees who see transparency on the part of managers become true brand ambassadors beyond the company’s walls. To achieve this goal, it is necessary to understand that there is not only an internal communication tool that impacts employees, but a set of them. The secret lies in assessing the needs and habits of employees, so that they can choose the most assertive tools.

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