VIANEWS holds event on Data Science in Communications

The latest challenge for companies around its brands is Communications and data-driven Marketing. Due to that, VIANEWS has identified the importance of addressing data orientation at its event, which will be held on November 7th.

“Data Science and Communication: Changes and Trends” will bring speakers to discuss data science in the Communications area. VIANEWS understands the simple data collection is not enough to make the right decisions. Translating this data into information is necessary to understand the extraction, organization, analysis or other pipeline.

The event aims to discuss how data affects Marketing and Communications across the Americas’ region. It’s a very relevant topic to C-Level executives, and Communications and Marketing professionals. The pannels will be hosted by Pedro Cadina, CEO and founder, VIANEWS. They will be presented by the following executives:

  • Silvia Bassi, Journalist and Publisher, The Shift, ÍON 89 content platform;
  • Alexandre Galliotti, Growth Director, DP6;
  • Laura MacDonald, EVP, Consumer for North America, Hotwire Global;
  • Claudio Cardoso, Altative Commtech, Post-Doctor, ECA/USP, and Professor, UFBA;
  • Kleber Wedeman, Director of Marketing for Latin America and the Caribbean, SAS.

The event is supported by ABRACOM, ABERJE and Bradesco inovaBra Habitat. In order to make your own registration, access:

Date: November 7th, 2019
Hours: 9am to 11am
Location: inovaBra Habitat – Auditorium floor 10th
Address: Av. Angélica, 2529 – Consolação – São Paulo (SP)

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  1. Friday November 1st, 2019 at 04:51 PM

    Olá! Tenho muito interesse no evento. Caso haja desistência;sobra de ingressos e puderem me contatar, agradeço!

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