dunnhumby extends contract in Latin America

The excellent result of the work and activities accomplished by the VIANEWS team over the past year has resulted in an extension of dunnhumby’s contract with the agency. VIANEWS remains responsible for the brand’s Public Relations activities in Brazil, Chile and Colombia. In addittion, it’s now also responsible for the PR in Mexico, counting with the expertise of the local Hotwire team.

Among the main actions that will be developed throughout the countries, main highlights are the announcement of dunnhumby’s arrival to new markets, building a relationship of the local executives with the regional media top targets, guaranteeing quality spaces for the brand on media outlets of interest, following the visits of global leaders across the Latin American region, besides the training of senior executives in the relationship with the media and the development of their public profiles on social media, with a special focus to LinkedIn.

The coordination of the work runs through the hub in Brazil, under the leadership of LATAM account executive Victor Caricari, who joined VIANEWS team recently.

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