Press Relation for fintech companies: how to do it?

You’ve probably heard about fintech companies. They are part of the 4th Industrial Revolution and have emerged to make financial services more intelligent and agile through technology. A result of the combination of two extremely important areas, finance and technology, fintech companies attract the attention of the press. This happens because fintech companies have an innovative and disruptive character. That being said, here’s one question: how do you conduct Press Relation services for fintech companies?

As in any sector of the client’s business, the press relation must, firstly, understand how a fintech company operates in the market. There are some ways of fintech’s operation that involve services related to payment experience, granting of credit or loan, crowdfunding, investments, bitcoins etc. In addition, a fintech company can work with products like credit and debit card, digital account, insurance and others.

Once the performance of this fintech in the market is understood, it’s necessary to understand what the press seeks to hear from these companies. In general, journalists are looking for disruptives innovations and technologies. In addition, these innovations should impact directly the way that companies deliver their services, or the behavior of consumers. Nubank, for example, is a Brazilian fintech company which has been changing the way banks provide their services to customers as well as the habits of people are dealing with a bank.

That said, it’s important that fintech’s press relation work by following two major pillars: content development and relationship program. Find below some contents and how they can be worked with the press:

Press Releases

The development of press releases for fintechs may address launch of new services or products, closed partnership agreements with other institutions, disclosure of financial results followed by growth expectations and investments. In addition, inform the market about participation in industry events, sponsorship or support for initiatives related to technology and innovation that are directly linked to the performance of a fintech.

Byline Articles

Byline articles, signed by the company’s chief executive, rank both as a benchmark in the market. The texts should address the pains and market trends in which a fintech is involved. You should not sell services or products of the company, but rather help the market understand what direction it is heading.

Success Cases

Very often, the press seeks practical examples of the application of new technologies that have generated significant results. In addition, they have the potential to change the habits and customs of individuals and companies. A success case should inform about the problem that the client presented, solution implemented, challenges faced and, finally, results achieved. It is important that both companies involved in the success case be available to talk with the journalists. The press relation should work well in advance as the approval process for this content is usually long. In addition, it’s important that the press relation on both sides is aligned in the disclosure strategy.

Sector Reports

The use of technology in the financial sector is a recurring theme in the press. Therefore, fintech companies can take advantage of this interest and develop industry reports to provide an overview of the trends that financial sector companies could adopt. Such content also offers to the journalists a direction in which side the market is going, in addition to the most urgent needs for healthy development.

Relationship Program

In addition to the periodic production of content, it is important that the press advisory activity for fintech companies work with communication planning. This plan should involve the development of press relation programs. For this, the staff of press relation should draw up a list with journalists/ target media. These journalists will be approached and invited to events, they will receive contents such as media pitches, press releases, bylined articles, success cases, sector reports, among others. Because of being fintechs, these journalists must, necessarily, cover many sectors such as business, financial and technology. The relevance of the media and the position occupied by the journalist are essential in the composition of this target list.

In addition to the press, the relationships program for fintech companies should also include actions with digital influencers. For this, the press relation team of a fintech company needs to research and find out who are the main digital influencers addressing issues related to the adoption of technology in the financial market. It’s important to note that actions like this involve extra costs for the brand. However, these actions are also very effective, since social networks are increasingly present in people’s daily lives.

These are some tips on how to conduct press relation services for fintech companies. It is also important that these actions are based in a communication planning, in addition of being aligned with fintech’s marketing strategy. In this way, it is possible to obtain greater success in the communication with the press and influencers.

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