How to choose a content agency

Here in Brazil, a content agency operates in the most varied market segments, for most of the industry’s verticals. In addition, it integrates the branch that is resuming its growth. Responsible for producing information, this activity has a main participation in the communication strategy of companies, groups, institutions, among others.

The tasks required to fulfill the service create a complex landscape. After all, understanding the customer; mapping the target audience; and defining agendas, content calendars and method of publication, not including the writing process, is a demand that requires good organizational capability from a content agency.

Additionally, you need a skilled and creative team to deliver valuable and relevant content. And, of course, monitoring and reporting results should not be overlooked. When there is an administration over all of this, the content agency gets a differential that can be decisive to seal new businesses. Find below other relevant aspects.

Authority in your matters

Being graduated in Journalism is probably going to allow this professional to write on any type of matter. However, some topics could require a larger knowledge that someone skilled, familiar and updated with the theme is needed. If this is the case of your business, a good tip is to look for a content agency who operates specifically in your business segment.

Also, it’s important to consider who you are hiring. This involves the size of the agency, its clients, which results are or have been already delivered, related success case stories. The list just goes on and on. With this information, it is possible to gauge expectation and reality. And of course, if the subject matter of your business is more “generic” or well-known across common people, it may not be as important to look only for a specialized content agency – although, it is highly recommended that it has experience and supports your needs.

Integrated Communication

The content agency may be responsible for various types of materials. With the content marketing boom, the first thing that pops in our minds are current blog posts updated with SEO techniques. But it’s worth mentioning that the scope of work (SOW) of this service still involves newsletters, corporate announcements, internal and external publications, e-books, white papers, cases, among others.

Still discussing the current communication’s context, you should also consider the existence of multiple channels to disseminate information. Thus, it’s essential that the different content tactics are in accordance with every other PR activities, such as press relations, event organization, etc. This strategy we name as Integrated Communication, one of the main differential here in VIANEWS.

If this is the case, see this article on how to choose a PR agency.

The good and old SOW

Although Integrated Communication is obtaining a more relevant meaning in Brazil, it is not yet part of every organization’s demands. So, if you are looking for a content agency, answer this quick question: what exactly is your need?

Is it guaranteeing quality newsletters to inform your internal team? Do you need to generate leads through your blog and social media? It is important to know your demands and opportunities to harmonize investment and results. Also, always be wary of a content agency who promises you everything for a lower price, as well as of daring proposals asking for fees totally beyond your reality and your budget.

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