The World Cup of media phenomena

Good friends of our blog, it’s been a nice ride. France have won the championship with undeniable performances from their midfield and attack, but the reflection here on the World Cup revolves around a retrospective regarding the communications. Those who have followed this Cup minimally have probably noticed a latent difference that has been occurring in comparison with the other

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Brazil stopped and your media pitch fell down

The process of producing a news – whether in a print media, online, television or radio – involves several stages that precede its publication or exhibition. Most part of the articles we read, listen or watch in the press come from companies. Through their communication teams and PR agencies, they develop the kind of content called media pitch. And it’s through

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The way to have an international brand

To gain territory in the market is always great news for any company worldwide. This achievement is linked to two basic points regarding its brand: quality and credibility. To notice your brand getting increasingly more successful makes any entrepreneur want to tell the four winds that “got there”, “truly achieved”. It makes you want to embrace the world! And if

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Sorry Just Isn´t Enough. Businesses Must Do Better When It Comes to People`s Data

*Mariana Alves The Internet Society is disappointed, but not surprised, at the news of the Facebook/Cambridge Analytica revelations. This incident is simply the natural outcome of today’s data driven economy that puts businesses and others first, not users. Mark Zuckerberg’s apology is a first step, but it’s not enough. The seriousness of the revelations call for more than mere apologies.

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Why media training?

By Rita Martins The purpose of promoting a brand or a client is to obtain editorial space in the media. This is the focus of a press officer. Press releases and agenda suggestions have the objective of capturing reporters’ attention to a given subject. Certain clients, however, believe that this strategy alone is sufficient – which is a mistake. This

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