Press Relation for fintech companies: how to do it?

You’ve probably heard about fintech companies. They are part of the 4th Industrial Revolution and have emerged to make financial services more intelligent and agile through technology. A result of the combination of two extremely important areas, finance and technology, fintech companies attract the attention of the press. This happens because fintech companies have an innovative and disruptive character. That

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Selling through corporate events: how to get into this marketing strategy

Do you know that corporate events as a marketing strategy may improve your relationship and brand positioning? Some of the great benefits of investing in these events are the recognition and the strengthening that they can create for your company facing the market, in order to increase sales and to help in the customer loyalty process, beyond, of course, to

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B2B Digital Marketing: achieving results through content

 Business-to-business, or B2B, is a common term in business. Unlike the otherwise famous B2C – in which companies sell to the end consumer – B2B selling is a more complex, rational and time-consuming task. In this post, we’ll show you how B2B digital marketing has become a great ally in communication, business generation, and engagement. B2B model The main challenge

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Organizational Climate Survey: understanding your employees

With the numerous challenges imposed by the Brazilian economy over the recent years, companies have sought to optimize their resources to the maximum. Aiming for a healthy balance between investments and expenses, a term is increasingly high in the market: productivity. Since they are pursuing an increased productivity, organizations are practically being restructured. They change their planning, review processes, make

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Internal corporate communication: why should your company invest in the area?

Startup style offices are becoming more feasible among companies. Slide, ball pool, foosball table, table tennis, hammock area and what else a space of leisure can offer. This differential has been prioritized in companies, in addition to other benefits. However, 15Five conducted a survey and found that most of the employees (81%) prefer to work in a company where communication

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