Case Voltalia


Founded in 2005, Voltalia is a renewable energy producer and service provider, from the following sources: solar, wind, hydro, and biomass. As an integrated industrial company, Voltalia has developed strong experience in the entire value chain of a renewable project: project development, project financing, EPC, operation, and maintenance.



Relationship with the Press

One of the main objectives of the event was to impact the business press, specialized in technology, as well as correspondents of French vehicles in Brazil. For such, the advertising strategy focused on offering news of impact to the Brazilian economy, due to the increase in the clean energy generation capacity in the country; creating an agenda in which journalists had the opportunity to learn about the technical processes of a wind power complex; and talking to the spokesperson about the company’s strategy.

Visual Communication

All phases of the event – before, during and after – had the same visual identity, which was impacted by materials such as save the date, invitation, reminder, banners, backdrop, institutional video, signposts, and letter of thanks. This visual identity brought the message of innovation, clean energy, and economic development to the event.

Relationship with the local community, partners, entities, and authorities

Based on RSVP actions, our communication, for the success of the event, was able to mobilize and generate interest in key stakeholders – represented by the local community, Voltalia’s business partners in Brazil, industry entities, and governmental authorities.


Logistical planning was essential for the adherence of guests and the success of the event, once the same occurred in the interior of the state of Rio Grande do Norte, with difficult access and poor hotel and road infrastructure. The joint work of VIANEWS with Voltalia’s team allowed guests to attend without any problems and take the opportunity to expand their networking.


  • Total # of journalists attending the press trip

  • Total # of articles published in the press

  • Total # of people attending the event



  • 8 journalists attending the press trip
  • 62 articles published in the press
  • + 200 people attending the event

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