Case McAfee


McAfee, the device-to-cloud cybersecurity company, operates in both corporate and consumer markets globally. However, the company wanted to alert consumers in Brazil, Chile and Argentina to have knowledge of how to “Protect What Matters”. For this, McAfee hired VIANEWS Hotwire to develop a Public Relations campaign for six months to take the main key messages to everyone who accesses the internet via mobile device or computer in the three countries. In addition, VIANEWS also conducted a spokesperson training for McAfee’s executive in Brazil.



Brazil as the hub

VIANEWS Hotwire acted as a hub for public relations activities in Latin America and directly reported to the company’s PR board in London (England), to ensure that the company’s global communication strategy was the same in Latin America.

Relevant content

VIANEWS Hotwire team in Latin America worked proactively with creativity in creating talking points and materials that were attractive to the press and could bring to the target audience the McAfee’s key messages to consumers.

Relationship with the media

Because it was a job specially designed for McAfee’s “Consumer” area, VIANEWS Hotwire developed all the work together with the consumer, retail, technology, and business media.

Steadiness and pace

To keep constant communication with the customer, VIANEWS Hotwire held video conferences every 15 days with McAfee’s PR leaders in London and once a month with the global Hotwire team.

Procedures – Best practices

Each country had its own spokesperson, who, in addition to speaking the local language, also had deep knowledge of the entire market that McAfee “Consumer” operated in. So, exclusive interviews and meetings with the media were held to establish a better relationship entre between the executive and the key journalist, as well as to ensure that the company was always on display.


Monthly LATAM PR Report

  • Total # of results in the press
  • # of results in tier-1 channels
  • # of interviews

In addition, whenever relevant articles were published, the VIANEWS Hotwire service team sent a screenshot with details about the story and circulation.


McAfee had not had a PR service in Latin America for a long time and had thus lost any closer relationship with the press, as well as the strength of its key messages to its consumers. People often remembered McAfee for its old desktop anti-virus, rather than as a company that keeps up to date with the best in terms of protecting mobile devices and even IoT.



Therefore, VIANEWS Hotwire team started to promote spokespersons’ meetings with the most important media and also develop articles related to issues relevant to McAfee as well as its key messages.


  • 139 results in the press
  • 25 results in tier-1 channels
  • 9 interviews conducted
  • 52% of key messages published in the articles
  • 98 comments from spokespeople
  • 952.202.265 visitors per month reached

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