FireEye Case Study

Winner of Jatobá Award 2018 of excellence and innovation in PR, in the category of International PR

Fire Eye

The Public Relations project for FireEye in Latin America focused on increasing brand perception and generating awareness about cybersecurity in the corporate and government sectors, as well as combating the possibility of attacks and fake news, with special attention to the elections in the region.

To achieve this objective, FireEye expanded its exposure in business and mainstream media, as part of the strategy to reach the corporate audience.



Relevant content
Generate and manage content that is relevant to the media and that supports the opening of positive space with influencers.

Relationship with the media
Relationship actions to open opportunities between FireEye spokespeople and the media.

Constancy and rhythm
Planning in order to put FireEye and its executives in permanent contact with the media.

Procedures – Best practices
Guidance to content development and ways of acting to be adopted by FireEye in order to establish a lasting relationship with stakeholders.


  • Share of Voice 2017 (LATAM)
  • Share of Voice 2018 (LATAM)
  • Number of interviews
  • Percentage of coverage in business and mainstream media (LATAM)
Fake News


FireEye sought to change the media’s perception of the brand, since, until 2017, its communication strategy was mostly focused on solutions. The company wanted to position itself as a market consultant, warning about cyber attacks and trends in the segment. In addition, throughout 2018, the company already predicted more attacks and the spread of fake news, motivated especially by the elections in Brazil, Mexico and Colombia.


Taking into account only Tier 1 and Tier 2 media, between the months of January and September (Q1, Q2 and Q3) of 2018, FireEye presented expressive results, when compared to last two years. Analyzing seven of the top cybersecurity companies, the organization left the fourth position in terms of percentage of media coverage (Share of Voice) in 2017, achieving the second position in 2018, jumping from 13% to 21% media coverage in Latin America.

In qualitative terms, the importance was just as relevant as the numbers. FireEye grew 10% in terms of coverage in business and mainstream media, over the total number of registered clippings, jumping from 23% in 2017 to 33% in 2018. This means that the strategy and objectives have been reached. The number of interviews also saw an important increase in 2018: 10 interviews more than in 2017.

As a further demonstration of the work carried out and the goals achieved, in November 2018 VIANEWS Hotwire won the Jatobá Award for Excellence and Innovation in PR, in the International PR category. This is the most important award for communication agencies in Brazil.

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