Dahua Technology, the largest electronic security company 100% privately held and one of the leaders in video surveillance solutions in Latin America, relied on VIANEWS to run a multi-country PR and Digital Marketing Campaign in LATAM to generate brand and product awareness for its new security solutions for all the possibilities they bring to different market segments, as well as reinforce Dahua’s presence in the region.

Dahua is a technology giant company with more than 16,000 employees worldwide and delivers solutions, products, and services in more than 180 countries. In 2019, the company has reported a USD 3.73 billion revenue.


The Public Relations and Digital Marketing Project in Latin America for Dahua Technology aimed to expand its perception about the benefits of electronic security with video monitoring in sensitive environments. It also generated awareness about some of the constant threats ralated to these segments. The campaign has attended the whole region but also focused local strategies for each of the 7 main areas with its specific commercial focus, such as the B2B and B2C levels and different target verticals: financial, hospitality, health, retail etc.

VIANEWS ran the program in 7 countries: Brazil, Argentina, Chile, Colombia, Mexico, Panama and Peru, between July and December 2019.


  • Broaden the perception of threats to society that can be neutralized with the use of technology;

  • Grant perception of the benefits and advantages of video monitoring solutions;

  • Reinforce Dahua Technology’s leadership as a 100% private company in the LATAM market;

  • Consolidate the brand as a source of information and developer of cutting edge technologies.

  • Increase Dahua’s relevance, raising the Engagement Rate on social media;


To develop the PR and Digital Marketing campaign, VIANEWS opted for a strategy built of five pillars:

  • Relevant content: Generate and manage relevant content to the press and social media, and provide opportunities with digital influencers;

  • Content for the different channels: Develop materials for different channels considering the social and cultural aspects of each country;

  • Relationship with the media: Grant regular & relevant media engagements


  • Constancy and rhythm: Plan initiatives & approach the media frequently

  • Procedures – Advantages of the solutions: Establish a lasting relationship with stakeholders, presenting the benefits of video monitoring solutions.


To support the multi-country PR and Digital Marketing campaign, VIANEWS used the following tactics:

  1. Deployment of a hub team in Brazil, responsible for Planning, monitoring and content development;
  2. Name Mexico and Colombia PR teams as support points for the development of activities in Spanish-speaking countries, gaining agility in regional operations;
  3. Content pieces:
  • PR: Press releases, articles, reports and media pitches;
    Although the campaign was for the region, we developed personalized media suggestions focused on countries and verticals;
  • Social media: Different post formats, like videos, cards, photos, and a video contest campaign.
  • One-on-One meetings and interviews with trade media (IT and Electronic Security) and the mainstream media;
  1. Top 50 program in Latin America. Listing and ranking the most important target media in the region;
  2. Strategic communication engagements focused on geolocation inputs on Dahua Technology’s social media (Facebook and LinkedIn);
  3. Strategy and calendar of posts for social media (Facebook and LinkedIn).



9,37% Organic Engagement Rate
from July – Dec. 2019

5,68% Total Engagement Rate
from July – Dec. 2019



1,50% Total Engagement Rate
in the period from July – Dec. 2019

25,03% Organic Engagement Rate
in the period from July – Dec. 2019


From July to December 2019 VIANEWS has granted:

558 pieces of coverage in LATAM media

93 pieces of coverage per month on average

50 interviews in the period

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