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VIANEWS presents its new visual identity

2020 has been asking us all for a quick transformation. In these 35 years of company, we have adapted and changed many times, to continue generating value in our relationships with cus tomers, partners and the team.

The pandemic has arrived, accelerating some of these changes. Remote work, which was already a practice, has been consolidated in to tools, processes, rituals. The service portfolio, which increasingly encompassed digital, data science and new solutions, has increasingly followed this path, to serve our cus tomers in what they need most to face the crisis. Our performance beyond Brazil, as an agency for Latin America, has accelerated in times of distances shortened by the online experience.

In the end, our rebranding became more significant in the midst of this very challenging moment that we are in. We have a new brand, but still maintaining the essence of what brought us here. In more than three decades of agency, we have seen the world change (and how!).

We transform with it and move on to continue changing whatever it takes. Mainly to continue helping companies and people to find better solutions to face their challenges!

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