To become a spokesperson and talk to the media, it is important to do a Media Training.

In August, VIANEWS Hotwire coordinated an extensive Media Training with two LATAM McAfee´s executives that had never done an interview before. Thanks to online video conference technology, we were able to train one executive from Mexico and another from Brazil in a single training session, coordinated by our team in both countries. They went through 3 hours of in depth training about the media in each country, the types of journalists, how to present during an interview and how to position themselves positively and correctly when confronted with delicate subjects.

Media Training is essential so that the spokesperson feels safe when doing an interview or a media encounter – online or in person. In the current scenario, this type of refinement is quickly becoming more and more important within corporations, be they small, medium or large businesses.

If an organization’s objective is to become a reference in their field, keeping a good relationship with the media is more than manda tory: it is strategic. Investing in this type of training should be a part of the business management and marketing plans of all companies, and our team is ready to prepare them.

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