Did you imagine that a simple Google search for famous personalities could have such an impact on the security of your online data?

For the fourteenth year, McAfee researched which famous names generate the riskiest search results that could potentially trigger consumers to unknowingly install malware on their devices.

Actress Anna Kendrick, best known for her roles in musical comedy Pitch Perfect and HBO Max series Love Life – tops McAfee’s U.S. list of most dangerous celebrities to search for online. Trailing Kendrick as the No. 2 most dangerous celebrity is rapper, record producer and entrepreneur Sean Combs (also known as P. Diddy), and TV and film star Blake Lively at No. 3. Mariah Carey is No. 4, followed by fellow musical legends Justin Timberlake (No. 5) and Taylor Swift (No. 6). Rounding out the top ten are talk show host Jimmy Kimmel (No. 7), actress Julia Roberts (No. 8), actress and comedian Kate McKinnon (No. 9) and musician Jason Derulo (No. 10).

In 2020, as shelter in place orders took effect due to COVID-19, Internet users have been particularly active online, increasing their activity across many devices and scouring the internet for a wide variety of entertainment. From free movies and TV shows to the latest celebrity news, consumers turned to digital celebrity content to entertain themselves, especially during the global pandemic. Hackers honed-in on this trend, following consumer behavior to educate their scam strategies.

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