VIANEWS Hotwire coordinates Media Training with LATAM McAfee’s executives

To become a spokesperson and talk to the media, it is important to do a Media Training. In August, VIANEWS Hotwire coordinated an extensive Media Training with two LATAM McAfee´s executives that had never done an interview before. Thanks to online video conference technology, we were able to train one executive from Mexico and another […]

When to hire a Digital Marketing Consultancy?

Consultoria de marketing digital

I would like to start this text by explaining who is the professional who works in a digital marketing consultancy. Although he/she is a person in the communication area, this professional has something different: he/she has specialized knowledge in online marketing and knows how to direct consumers in the right way to achieve the results […]

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Desenho de 4 pessoas paradas com a cabeça em formato de lâmpada e roupa preto e branco, e mais um desenho de pessoa pulando com cabeça em formato de lâmpada acesa e roupa colorida

There is no secret: competition exists in all markets. And the competitive differential for your brand to stand out is to be ahead of your competitors. We are well aware that this is not an easy task. For this reason, we’ve listed below five simple tips for your company to stand out. IDENTIFY AND RESOLVE […]