The Most Dangerous Celebrities on the Internet by McAfee

Did you imagine that a simple Google search for famous personalities could have such an impact on the security of your online data? For the fourteenth year, McAfee researched which famous names generate the riskiest search results that could potentially trigger consumers to unknowingly install malware on their devices. Actress Anna Kendrick, best known for […]

VIANEWS Hotwire coordinates Media Training with LATAM McAfee’s executives

To become a spokesperson and talk to the media, it is important to do a Media Training. In August, VIANEWS Hotwire coordinated an extensive Media Training with two LATAM McAfee´s executives that had never done an interview before. Thanks to online video conference technology, we were able to train one executive from Mexico and another […]

When to hire a Digital Marketing Consultancy?

Consultoria de marketing digital

I would like to start this text by explaining who is the professional who works in a digital marketing consultancy. Although he/she is a person in the communication area, this professional has something different: he/she has specialized knowledge in online marketing and knows how to direct consumers in the right way to achieve the results […]

Corporate s torytelling: what is it and why to use it

O uso do storytelling corporativo pode ajudar a engajar consumidores e colabores de sua empresa ou marca e também a reforçar sua mensagem, valor e visão

Have you ever thought about using a technique that helps you engage employees and reinforce your brand’s message to the public? This is what corporate s torytelling can do for your company: be it in management strategy, in leadership or in the way the brand interacts with leads, this technique can boost engagement. In other […]

It is worth investing in digital influencers in times of covid-19

With the pandemic of COVID-19, social isolation brought new consumption habits for Brazilians. And with it came the sudden digital transformation for many sec tors of the society. Companies had to adapt quickly to the home office. Just as the population had to get used to the video technology to make up for the absence […]