VIANEWS Hotwire manages BMC Software events in Mexico and Argentina

VIANEWS Hotwire handled press relations for the BMC Day Ciudad de México and BMC Day Buenos Aires events, held on October 4 and 24, respectively. These events are part of the annual roadshow of BMC Software, leader in software solutions supporting IT areas to transform traditional businesses into digital enterprises. In Mexico, BMC Day was attended by approximately 200 participants.

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Why media training?

By Rita Martins The purpose of promoting a brand or a client is to obtain editorial space in the media. This is the focus of a press officer. Press releases and agenda suggestions have the objective of capturing reporters’ attention to a given subject. Certain clients, however, believe that this strategy alone is sufficient – which is a mistake. This

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Rakuten Advertising and VIANEWS together in 2020

After a successful project in the second half of the last year, Rakuten Advertising (formerly Rakuten Marketing) signed an annual contract with VIANEWS for PR and Digital Services. In this way, the agency is responsible for all the public relations activities of the brand, in addition to the strategy for social networks, digital campaigns and content marketing. Piero Rossini, senior

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Podcast is here to stay. Learn more about this format and check out our top tips.

Within the reach of a click, podcasts have been on people’s radar around the world for some time now. Similar to a radio program, they are nothing but files recorded in audio, which can be downloaded on various online platforms, such as Spotify and Deezer. In this blog post, we will explain their importance in addition to giving tips from

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The competitive differential for brand survival in the market

There is no secret: competition exists in all markets. And the competitive differential for your brand to stand out is to be ahead of your competitors. We are well aware that this is not an easy task. For this reason, we’ve listed below five simple tips for your company to stand out. Identify and resolve your clients’ pain Ask direct

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McAfee achieves great results in Communications project in Latin America

In the last quarter of 2019, VIANEWS was chosen to develop and implement a Public Relations plan in Latin America for McAfee in the Consumer segment. The balance for the quarter was super positive. Altogether 139 media results were generated in Brazil, Argentina and Chile. Regarding the plan, Vianews exceeded all the planned KPIs for Latin America, including the number

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VIANEWS celebrates new customers and growth in 2019

2019 was another year of achievements for VIANEWS Hotwire – and we are already at our 35th year of existence! During the last year, our team was responsible for several relevant accomplishments, including: Recognition of the agency with 2 Certificates of Excellence awarded for the successful cases in the projects carried out for VTEX and FireEye by The Holmes Report,

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