Banco ABC Brasil presents Innovation Lab

About a year after launching its digital platform for individual investment – ABC Personal –, Banco ABC Brasil reinforces its strategy of increasingly becoming able to face the challenges of the digital economy.

On July the 4th, the bank presented the journalists with the ABC Innovation Lab, a space developed to promote innovation with a focus on intrapreneurship. VIANEWS, the communications agency of Banco ABC Brasil for 12 years, led the launch of the lab to the media specialized in Finances and Technology. Prominent media such as Valor Econômico, EXAME, Reuters, among others, have attended the event.

The ABC Innovation Lab aims to seek new technologies, as well as to lead ideas and projects that accelerate the institution’s positioning in the new digital economy, adding greater efficiency and new business opportunities for the bank. Operating for just over four months, ABC Innovation Lab is led by the executives Marco Mastroeni, VP of Products, Channels, Innovation and Marketing, and Gustavo Machado, Director of Digital Business.

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