Gabriel Marson


Press Relation for fintech companies: how to do it?

You’ve probably heard about fintech companies. They are part of the 4th Industrial Revolution and have emerged to make financial services more intelligent and agile through technology. A result of the combination of two extremely important areas, finance and technology, fintech companies attract the attention of the press. This happens because fintech companies have an innovative and disruptive character. That

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How brands can protect themselves against fake news

Certainly, the internet is the greatest invention of the human being in the last century. It shortened distances, expanded access to knowledge and, consequently, to information. It democratized the news through social media, making the ordinary citizen an important source of information as a communication group. Despite the numerous benefits, we witness some atrocities and one of the latest is

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Brazil stopped and your media pitch fell down

The process of producing a news – whether in a print media, online, television or radio – involves several stages that precede its publication or exhibition. Most part of the articles we read, listen or watch in the press come from companies. Through their communication teams and PR agencies, they develop the kind of content called media pitch. And it’s through

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Voltalia inaugurates another Wind Power Complex in Brazil

On the 19th of October, VIANEWS Hotwire officially inaugurated Voltalia’s São Miguel do Gostoso Wind Power Complex, located in the city it was named after, in Rio Grande do Norte (RN). This is the French group’s third wind power complex inaugurated by VIANEWS Hotwire. In 2015 and 2016, respectively, the complexes of Areia Branca and Vamcruz were inaugurated. VIANEWS Hotwire

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