When to hire a Digital Marketing Consultancy?

Consultoria de marketing digital

I would like to start this text by explaining who is the professional who works in a digital marketing consultancy. Although he/she is a person in the communication area, this professional has something different: he/she has specialized knowledge in online marketing and knows how to direct consumers in the right way to achieve the results […]

Corporate storytelling: what is it and why to use it

O uso do storytelling corporativo pode ajudar a engajar consumidores e colabores de sua empresa ou marca e também a reforçar sua mensagem, valor e visão

Have you ever thought about using a technique that helps you engage employees and reinforce your brand’s message to the public? This is what corporate storytelling can do for your company: be it in management strategy, in leadership or in the way the brand interacts with leads, this technique can boost engagement. In other words, […]