The relevance of Public Relations for IT companies

The Press Relations has a fundamental role in the communication activities of a company that wants to conquer a spontaneous space in the media through a good relationship with the journalists. We recently spoke here on our blog about why investing in press services. Now we would like to segment the topic and show how investing in PR for the IT segment can help a tech company to grow and increase its visibility in the market. Also, we’ll explain why this service was created in the agencies, provided by professionals with ample experience in the sector.

In some areas such as Information Technology, the PR work is very demanding. Main motivation is the fact that this sector has many challenges, either by the subject matter or by the lack of media covering the specific topic. The recent closure of several newsrooms who have gone out of business and the resignation of many journalists grew the difficulty. This has led the agencies to think “out of the box” in order to deliver better results to their clients.

Quality content

The topics need to be well clarified, since in the IT area many of them are too technical and can only be understood by experts in the field. Therefore, a well-written and elaborated explanation is a “must-do” by someone who surveys, listens to the spokespeople and produces the content with credibility. It’s important that the PR office is always close to the client, bothering constantly for updates, news and information, with dedication in comprehending the company’s business. In VIANEWS, we truly see ourselves as a client extension.

The role of a PR professional for an IT company is not simply writing down a text and distributing it as a press release. It is extremely important that he/she knows the media outlets and journalists to know the best theme to be worked and how to pitch it, according to each profile. In the case of a tech company, to attract the communication media, it’s important the topics address aspects of interest and relevance. Thus, more technical and specific subjects have a much more interesting approach.

To define the best way to work with a specific content, a complete view of the company’s needs is also important. This perspective aims to stablish a good planning, suggesting topics, interviews, byline articles and case stories, suitable to each media outlet and to each particular public that is going to consider it relevant.

Specialized Media

With a PR agency for IT, you can achieve better results and maintain a healthy relationship with journalists in general. Despite the fact that clients mainly want their brands appearing in large publications, IT media are ideal for anyone who wants to excel in their industry and reach a specific audience, usually a buyer person (potential buyer).

Working with specialized media for IT is a chance to position the brand and the company’s spokespeople as specialists on particular matters. This way there are greater opportunities for spontaneous insertion and there is more space dedicated to the same subject, be it an interview, an article or a complete reporting/ breaking news.

Beyond the specialized media

It is common that the disclosure is limited to specialized media outlets. Therefore, it is very important that the PR work extends the communication of the tech company beyond these media. In order to gain space in mainstream media, such as daily papers, magazines and TV channel networks with large national circulation, it is essential that the brand builds a high profile in the IT market. However, reaching a wider audience and being known and respected by more people is a big step in growing your business.

For this to happen, technical terms need to be well explained to the public who are not very familiar with this market. It’s the role of a PR professional to know how to offer the most relevant guidelines for the proper media outlet. This makes possible the solutions and innovation developed by the company to reach out its potential customers. It’s very likely to enable the brand to obtain a larger market authority.

This process evolves throughout the time as a result of the relationships and interactions stablished between the PR agency and its client. In a way that conveys the benefits and innovations of the products and services in a clear language to the external public.

This is definitely the role of the PR professionals for an IT company – being an extension of your client. In other words, an opportunity facilitator to associate the tech company and its innovative solutions with topics that interest the media and people as a whole. And mainly, to be completely included in the events of the company so it shared the right message, the correct keywords and gain more and more visibility in the market that acts.

What about your company? Do you already have a PR agency? We can help you with this demand. Please, feel free to contact us.

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