Features of LinkedIn for Business: Far Beyond Relationship

At the beginning of LinkedIn’s implementation, many people had some resistance to this social media, both for lack of knowledge or for not believing in its full potential. Today it is noticed that directing LinkedIn to the business is more than important, it’s a need.

In a retrospective analysis, many users neglected various functions when the platform was in its early stages. But it’s marvelous to discover the universe of possibilities offered by the network. Some examples of these features: access to companies and professionals from all over the world; quality content; discussion forums; and numerous other sources of research and interaction.

If this empowerment is given to a user, imagine the endless possibilities businesses have to create and develop their voice on the internet. Currently this practice has been driven by social selling. This technique consists of creating and maintaining relationships with the right people, thus generating more qualified leads (MQLs). Applying it to social networks, especially LinkedIn, has never been easier. Currently, the social network has more than 300 groups that discuss this specific theme in different locations and languages. In other words, the topic of social selling can be understood even within the platform.

According to figures provided by LinkedIn itself, more than three million companies maintain exclusive pages. Among the more than 30 million Brazilian users, about 4.4 million occupy the management position; 94% of B2B Marketing professionals use it to distribute content; 80% of the leads generated on social networks originate from it. These figures underscore the company’s mission to “Connect the world’s professionals and make them more productive and successful.” The statistics attest that organizations should direct their LinkedIn for business.

Inside LinkedIn

I confess that when I had access to the numbers in a presentation made by the marketing team at LinkedIn’s headquarters in São Paulo, I was even more impressed. Translating in numbers: there are over 560 million active users in 200 countries; 20 million companies; supply of 15 million places; 50 thousand skills; 60 thousand schools; and 190 billion views of posts.

Approaching to our reality, Latin America brings together 70 million users. Special highlight for Brazil, the fourth country in the world with more users in the network. There are 33 million users, positioning the country only behind the United States (141 mi), India (47 mi) and China (41 mi).

Analyzing the profile of the Brazilian user more deeply, there are 3.3 million students; 1.3 million graduates in 2017; 1.4 million decision makers; 1.8 million behind new opportunities; 830 thousand occupying C-level positions; and 990,000 are opinion leaders.

Given this scenario, the relevance of social media is clear. It’s a great way to get your content to the right professionals. Whether by position, area or region. LinkedIn users have access to different profiles and their history, networking and information through quality content and topics of interest.

Driving your LinkedIn for business

The dedication and time invested on LinkedIn are supported by three priority areas, considered fundamental to the companies – HR, Marketing and Sales. Therefore, the solutions for companies are Talent Solutions (with focus on people and talent), Marketing Solutions (media focused on B2B and leads) and Sales (relationship and social selling).

Therefore, four steps are fundamental to build the story a company will tell to its collaborators and the LinkedIn users:

  • The company: history, culture and values;
  • The audience: Understanding your target audience and what they consume;
  • The content: authentic and engaging;
  • Distribution: sharing stories.

For this, a company has to define the goal; segment the audience; engage the audience with content (organic and sponsored) and optimize the impact. All of this, of course, based on a pre-established strategy, is part of the initial planning.

Building the champion profile



In order to supplement the contracting of the offered solutions, which are customized together with a LinkedIn team, you need to invest in building your brand and page – not just the corporate profile, but also your employees’.

We have applied these techniques to VIANEWS Hotwire’s profile and our partners. The first step is to set up a champion profile, which raises the competitive visibility within a segment.

After that, the keywords are defined. Thus, the visualization of the profiles is increased, optimizing the searches. Another key point is to have the right connections. In addition to quantity, we measure the quality and how much the connection – be it company or professional – will add to our business or career.

Finally, the contribution with relevant information is fundamental to highlight and position the company in the network. With that in mind, our director, Pedro Cadina, became the company’s Top Voicer. This is possible not only with right connections, but with articles published on his Pulse, as a means of transmitting information and industry data regularly.

There is no shortage of opportunities and the usage of LinkedIn for business only tends to grow. Not only because of the number of open positions or unemployed in the country, but because of the quality content it offers. If you want to chat and check out my latest posts, fell free to add me and I’ll be glad to talk to you.


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