DCI newspaper highlights the Plataformatec history

The first column of DCI newspaper, the second economy newspaper in Brazil, called Flight Plan (Plano de Voo, in portuguese), highlighted the history of Platformatec, a consultant and customized software developement, a VIANEWS customer for a year. The editor Liliana Lavoratti was invited by the co-founders to had a breakfast at the company’s headquarters in São Paulo, where they discussed around the beginning of the company and the creation of an open source programming language called Elixir.

Led by José Valim, creator of Elixir and one of the co-founders of Plataformatec, the conversation covered topics such as technology changes in the last decade, new IT challenges and the application of agile languages and methodologies in business. In addition to revealing that the company had no investment from outside and the growth is due to the recognition gained in the foreign market and replicated internally for just over three years.

The full article can be accessed in the link. Mariana Alves is responsible for the PR leadership of Plataformatec at VIANEWS.

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