Industry Executives launch the OWL Communication Group, a new holding company in the field of communication

Three communication and marketing businessmen have just joined forces to create the OWL Communication Group, a holding company that includes the agencies M2MP (Advertising), Make (Production), Sinnapse (Digital), VIANEWS (public relations) and MOBWEB (apps). Headed by Jorge Geras, Pedro Cadina and Emmerson Yamacita, OWL brings together around 100 professionals throughout Latin America, who already service over 200 clients, including HP, GE, Qantas, Regus, Banco ABC Brasil, New Zealand Trade Enterprise, VMware, Zendesk, Rakuten and SOVOS/Invoiceware.

“At OWL, we have managed to obtain the right mix of global experience and solutions focused on the client’s needs”, Jorge Geras, CEO of OWL and former executive at corporations like HP, Dupont and British Petroleum, explained. “Each company within the Group is highly focused on its area of operation while, at the same time, the management team has accumulated extensive knowledge in managing international companies and brands”, he adds. For Geras, an integrated approach, coupled with specialization, affords agility, creative responses and a high degree of innovation.

The OWL Communication Group leadership team comprises: Jorge Geras (CEO and partner), founder of Sinnapse and MobWeb; Emmerson Yamacita (CSO and partner), founder of Make Video and M2MP; Pedro Cadina (CCO and partner), journalist and founder of VIANEWS.

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  1. Bete Alina-Reply
    Tuesday May 30th, 2017 at 10:03 AM

    Ótimas notícias!! Parabéns e sucesso para a OWL!!

    • sinnapse-Reply
      Monday December 4th, 2017 at 09:47 AM

      Muito obrigada!

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