Selling through corporate events: how to get into this marketing strategy

Do you know that corporate events as a marketing strategy may improve your relationship and brand positioning?

Some of the great benefits of investing in these events are the recognition and the strengthening that they can create for your company facing the market, in order to increase sales and to help in the customer loyalty process, beyond, of course, to be a great way out of the routine.

The first advice to plan an event is to define the target audience. After that, you’ve got to identify the best format, knowing each existing event type. Each one of them has different style and formats – courses, workshops, conferences, streaming, fairs, trade shows, among others – which can also present different needs for each type of company and customer.

It’s important to emphasize that the events as part of the marketing planning enable your company greater results. With them, it is possible to create new brand awareness and perception. Moreover, you may strengthen your company’s position in front of your competitors.

Types of corporate events

Below we list some corporate event formats for you know them better and use them in your marketing strategies:

  • Courses and workshops: They serve to convey relevant content of the company, by maintaining the authority of your product and/or service. They emphasize the exchange of the ideas and the demonstration and application of techniques and skills;
  • Trade shows: They allow promoting the company’s product, solutions and services to make the brand more well-known and help to seal important business deals;
  • Relationship meetings: They are private meetings between people from different companies. It’s a way to connect the two worlds in a casual environment to talk about your business;
  • Annual events: Requires increased production and investment, but it’s ideal to accomplish any objective, enabling good relationships and promotion of the company’s products/services;
  • Other events: They are smaller events with more direct and clear objectives.
    They can be performed more frequently and smaller structure, such a brunch. They create an even closer relationship with customers and prospects, besides to be great for feedback and insights.

Strategy to ensure credibility

The presence of a company in an event, or its own organization, proves how important and active the brand is in its segment. If your company’s objective is to change brand perception, the most efficient way is to do this is through a corporate event, showing its news and highlighting its new values ​​and goals.

It’s really important to build and stablish confidence for the success of a brand. Some companies haven’t yet adapted to modern market standards, but it doesn’t mean that they are not reliable. There are many companies that have been in the market for years with bad reputation and they continue to sell their services.

Another important artifice to ensure the credibility of the company is to have good relationships. This is the best way to ensure a good communication strategy and hold a corporate event. We must always remember that, although global modernization, the companies are still made up of people and with this, the businesses are made from the relationship between them.

The corporate events are a great opportunity to meet people, to do networking and strengthen relationships with customers, partners and even employees. When you narrow and strengthen your relationship, you create new business, build a positive image and reinforce your brand towards of the market.

Environments discovered

Nowadays, it is very important to note that corporate events no longer need to be as formal as they were before. At last, a company may call the attention of other organizations in a more casual environment, such as circus performances, burlesque dances, gastronomic experience and engagement in social media.

However, before choosing the best attraction, it is critical to choose the proper format and location. With so many options, it is not easy to find the ideal place to organize a good corporate event. Often companies don’t have their own place. And also, they don’t want to use very expensive and traditional spaces like a hotel, since the idea is to find more casual and different environments, most of the times linked to innovation.

Because of this, many coworkings are ceasing to be just shared workplaces and they are increasingly becoming an option for corporate events. The companies need flexible places and these spaces offer a lot of practicality, adequate infrastructure and at the same time a great value for money. This is one of the strategies that makes the customer have a unique experience in your event.

To ensure the success of your events is essential to have a qualified team to perform each step. That way, you avoid unpleasant odds and make sure that everything will go according to plan.

These are some of the advantages that directly influence your company’s results. Would you like to know or understand more about the power of corporate events for your brand marketing? Get in touch with us and get to know some of our services!

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