Two new businesses focused on strategic planning

The first quarter of 2019 (Q1 2019) remains very positive for VIANEWS, which has signed a contract with DP6, an intelligence and marketing performance consulting company, and with CIS Corporate, a specialist in the management of corporate indicators for the development of control panels and customized reports.

DP6 has contracted VIANEWS to develop a strategic communication plan, with the definition of goals, personas and key messages; content marketing; Public Relations activities; and social media management (LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram). On the other hand, CIS Corporate, present in the market for 20 years, has the opportunity to position itself as a provider of innovative technology solutions, flexible to the new demands of management and corporate governance. To achieve its goal, the company hired VIANEWS for a Communication and Marketing plan; Public Relations activities; Rebranding; and website development, with a new layout and in order to be responsive.

The coordination of both businesses is in charge of the executive Viviane Andrade.

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