How to increase organic traffic with old content from your blog?

I have few certainties in life and one of them is that you want to see your company  with strong position in Google’s search engine. And if you still do not have this ambition, I am sorry to say you late. Inbound Marketing (attraction marketing), if well properly, is one of best ways to increase organic traffic to your website.

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Internal corporate communication: why should your company invest in the area?

Startup style offices are becoming more feasible among companies. Slide, ball pool, foosball table, table tennis, hammock area and what else a space of leisure can offer. This differential has been prioritized in companies, in addition to other benefits. However, 15Five conducted a survey and found that most of the employees (81%) prefer to work in a company where communication

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Content for B2B companies: How to generate leads

Internet is out there and we must use it in favor of our own business. In other words, we must use and abuse of digital marketing and its techniques – SEO, inbound marketing and content marketing. Attracting new customers and maintaining the ones we already have are some of this model’s goals. Besides promoting your brand, it’s an important way

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The importance of the corporate blog to generate business

It’s no news that the customer behavior has changed; it sounds cliché to sell a different idea of traditional publicity. We are at a moment in which the people search on the internet before making a purchase decision. And interrupting the videos on YouTube to show your advertisement does not seem so convincing and attractive anymore (81% of people skip

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